Rose & Vanilla Tea Shortbread Biscuits

Rose and Vanilla Tea Shortbread Biscuits

Hey there,

Feeling inspired from the Dilmah High Tea Charitea yesterday, and having arrived home with a huge bag of assorted teas, I sat down to a cup of the Dilmah Rose and Vanilla Tea.  My my, delicious and its not one of those teas that just smell nice, it actually tastes beautiful too! I love rose-scented things 🙂

I have a visitor coming tonight so thought, why not bake some lovely cookies.  The tea was so nice I decided I could whip up a batch of shortbreads and I wanted to incorporate this lovely tea somehow.  It was all very last minute, and I hardly ever bake biscuits, as I assume they are too fiddly. I’m always pleasantly surprised!


I used this recipe from – its just a basic shortbread. I googled Earl Grey Shortbread recipes as I had previously heard about those and figured it would be the same process. It turns out you just need to grind the tea up til its fine and add it in to the mix!  Easy peasy!  I ground up about 4 of the Dilmah Rose and Vanilla teabags using my mortar and pestle ( you could probably use a spice grinder?) and added this fine grind in to the mix just before the flour.  I rolled the mix in glad wrap into a sausage shape and put in the freezer for 5 minutes then sliced and baked for about 30 mins.

Pre Baking

The aroma in the house was delicious.  I only just made them but I was too excited to wait to share with you! You must get hold of some of this tea and get experimenting!  Maybe next year I’ll get organised and actually enter the Real High Tea Challenge!



4 thoughts on “Rose & Vanilla Tea Shortbread Biscuits

      • I would just love a set to use to take pictures of recipes on!!! They are just some of the most beautiful plates I have ever seen. The stuff that is made these days just can’t compare to the beauty of some of the stuff made quite some time ago.

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