Why Soy Wax?

Bristille Vintage Teacup Candle

You may be wondering why we only use soy wax, and not traditional waxes such as paraffin, beeswax or palm.

Our vintage teacup candles are made from EcoSoya ® soy wax which is 100% vegetable based, made from pure soybean oil.  This wax is biodegradable,non-toxic and free from pesticides and herbicides.

It burns at a lower temperature, and cleans up with hot soapy water (ideal for re-using the teacups or having them refilled).

And most importantly, because this wax is made from a renewable source, you can feel good in knowing you are not hurting the environment, whilst enjoying the lovely perfume they radiate throughout your home.  Visit our online store to view our vintage teacup candles.