A wet old day at the Market!

Well, after lots of hard work getting ready, Saturday Mosman Market day was finally here. Would the rain stay away and would we be blessed with lots of sun and happy customers? Sadly, no, the rain bucketed down and there were lots of nervous conversations with other stallholders looking at the sky and checking of weather radars and forecasts on phones.

The Market was supposed to finish up at 3pm however due to a “mismanaged” marquee tent we (myself and the lovely Mel from Baby Record Books) had to pull up stumps early. It was a funny sight, me holding the marquee up to stop it falling down on our table and damaging all our lovely items….Mel racing around in a giant fluro rain jacket packing things into the ute. It was a mad scramble, not helped by the fact that I could barely see out my specs due to the amount of rain drops on them!

We finally got packed up and headed home to get warm and dry. It wasn’t a great day for our first proper market, and we had high hopes due to the previous market being so busy and buzzy with lots of people.

I did get to have a walk around the other stalls and there are some lovely things on offer including organic Rosehip oil, hand-weaved and dyed wool for knitting nice things, linen teatowels with cool designs on them, jewellery, wallets made from laminated newspapers (!), banana bread, and some lovely baby things including knitted alpaca wool jumpers. Directly across from us was the rocky road stall and of course we couldnt resist, I had some nice cookies and cream rocky road which did a good job to lift our soggy spirits. I also had a delicious Red Velvet cupcake! Yummy. So, all in all it wasn’t a total disaster, we did get to sample some lovely market fare.

We are of course, hoping for better weather and luck next time. Will keep y’all posted as to the next markets we are at and please do say a little prayer for sunshine for us!!! 🙂


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