Really really super duper exciting news from Sweet Gracie Candles!!

Wow, I am so buzzing with excitement after an amazing day sourcing vintage teacups, going here and there all over the place!

But, the MOST exciting news is that Sweet Gracie Candles are now stocked at the fantastic Mitchell Road Design Centre, in Alexandria.  We have our own little shelf full to the brim of our beautiful vintage teacup candles.

Sweet Gracie now stocked at Mitchell Road!

Sweet Gracie Candles shelf at the Mitchell Road Design Centre


Now, if you have not been to the design centre, you simply MUST! It is a treasure trove of interesting things, you could easily spend a day here fossicking around the place.  They have an array of bric-a-brac, vintage furniture, clothing, nic-nacs, lamps, tables,   They have a cafe too, so you can sit down for a latte and rest after all the excitement which is sure to come your way should you visit.  They are open 7 days, 10am – 5pm and are located upstairs 76 Mitchell Road, Alexandria 2015.  Look out for the big yellow building.  Find them on Facebook too so you can keep updated with all their latest goodies.

Look out for the big yellow building! Don’t forget, its upstairs!

She’s pointing upstairs!

So is he!

An amazing chandelier greets you.

And as I mentioned, I found some lovely pieces today, some gorgeous Royal Vale trios and some new interesting things.  Blog post / images will be coming soon so stay tuned! Have a ripper of a week, I know I’ll be busy making candles with all these teacups I now have in my possession! x


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