Free six-pack of soy scented tealight candles with the next three vintage teacup candle orders.

Hi there,

Scented soy tealight candles are coming to the online store soon!

Perfect for dotting along the window ledge while you have a relaxing bath, or to add some extra ambiance to your next dinner party.  These are made from the same high-grade soy wax and quality fragrances as our vintage teacup candles.  The casing as made from heat resistant polycarbonate plastic and they will burn for approximately 5 hours each.

The next three vintage teacup candle orders to the online store will receive a free six-pack of these gorgeous little beauties, so get in quick!

Have a lovely day! x


4 thoughts on “Free six-pack of soy scented tealight candles with the next three vintage teacup candle orders.

  1. Wow, I was just thinking about this very thing the other day! Growing up we never had magnziaes or any reading material in the bathroom. But my husband likes to have magnziaes in there, so we have them in our bathroom now. I remember thinking it was gross at first, but then I got used to them being there. And now we have the habit of just putting magnziaes of his in there as they come in the mail. The problem is that they start to stack up… the other day I was cleaning the bathroom, noticed the overflowing stack of magnziaes, and realized that our guests must be totally disgusted thinking about how much time we must spend in there!!

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    • Love Popcorn bear – bought quite a few in a sale the other week. Not sure wheethr downsizing is good or not. The larger ones were good value and great for 8″ x 8″ – there are loads of small stamps on the market.Fantastic designs though – very cute.Ann xxx

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