Vintage Japanese Teacup Candle


Beautiful Japanese Purple Iridescent Trio

4 thoughts on “DSC02665

  1. I can’t imagine the rleolr coaster you must have ridden, and probably still do. I can’t put myself in your shoes, impossible without living through something like that.I can offer reassurance that you’re so right in your conviction that there is a plan. She is in your life for a reason. Who knows what that may be? Or maybe you already do Hugs to you and yours, Elizabeth.xoxo

    • 嗯嗯 被罵的經驗我倒是很豐富:)oui-news聯播…可能是因為聯播的網誌過多 數百/上千 稍縱即逝 所以曝光機會相對來說就愈來愈少了 而個人網摘 跟搜尋引擎的原理類似 連結 關鍵字 的位置愈前面 愈明顯 或是被長輩Richy連結 pagerank高的網站 流量就愈高 搜尋結果就愈前面 我覺得 雖然也可能會形成某種結構 但網路的hieraechy會是流動的 舉例來說 長輩人人可以作 大頭症人人都會得 就是個好例子

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