A sneak peak of our latest finds!

Latest finds!

Well, I hope you had a great weekend, mine was fab after finding some beautiful vintage teacup sets (all vintage, made in England bone china) – and just in time for Mothers Day which is fast approaching!  We’ll be making it easy for you this Mothers Day by taking care of it all and also by setting aside some of our favourite teacup sets so you can pick your Mum’s favourite scent and we will make up especially for you.  Stay tuned for more details shortly but in the meantime, be sure to suss out your mums favourite colour and smell!

Back to the weekend gathering…I found a divine Royal Doulton trio in a beige-creamy tone (front right) with partial hand-painted floral design and rimmed in gold, along with a pale pink Tuscan duo with a floral spray design (back right) which is also hand-paint

ed.  This one caught my eye as it has a lovely handcrafted and friendly feel to it – its the best I can describe, its just so pretty.  I hope you will love it as much as I do!  Both of these have the lovely scalloped edge to the saucer and plate.

I also stumbled across some Royal Vale (front left), one of my favourites – the shape of the cup is so delicate and classic with pale white roses design with dark green leaves, rimmed with gold.  We also have a lovely “Elizabethan” duo by Taylor and Kent (back left) with crimson flowers and buds (Update – this has now been sold!).

Its going to be another busy week filling these babies up ready for the new online store (stay tuned for more details – very exciting).  Enjoy!

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