Sweet Gracie website launched!

Well, anyone who knows me knows that patience is unfortunately not a virtue I possess.  In fact, I fail dismally at waiting for anything!  So it is with great, brimming excitement that this day is finally here, that I announce that Sweet Gracie vintage teacup candles has officially launched.

vintage teacup candles

A collection of Sweet Gracie vintage teacup candles

What’s this all about you ask?  Beautiful vintage teacups, painstakingly sourced from all over the place but mostly Sunny Sydney, filled with silky delicious fragranced soy wax.  Available to beautify your home, or as a gift for your mummy or girlfriend, or even as a unique centrepiece or favour for a wedding!

There is a range of scents such as:

  • sweet vanilla
  • fresh lime and coconut (my personal favourite, just like a pina colada without the fat!)
  • sweetpea and vanilla
  • moroccan spice
  • rose
  • white tea and ginger
  • green tea and lemongrass
  • chocolate biscotti
  • lime basil and mandarin
  • lychee and black tea (my second favourite)

Yum, what a collection! I love to add new fragrances so if you’re searching for something in particular please just let me know.

I’m constantly sourcing new vintage teacups and will also soon be adding jar candles to the collection, so stay tuned for more in the world of Sweet Gracie candles! In the meantime, check out the gallery or read more about why soy wax is so brilliant. x


3 thoughts on “Sweet Gracie website launched!

  1. these are the cutest little things i have seen in a long long time. completly adorabale! my mouth is watering, all thoses scents sound delicious. great to see people branching out in soy candles. yay! so excited!!

    • Hey Jess This was a beauthiful truibte to Ricky I must admit that I had a huge secrect crush on Ricky (didnt wanna tell you and make you say ewwwwww lol). He was a wonderful person and friend. I just wish I could have seen him again at the 3rd Ward Reunion. He will never be forgotten. Thank you for the memories girl. Love and miss ya

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